Compass for Success

To collaborate and pool resources to develop a common data warehouse and reporting structure to support a framework guided by research and implemented within a school planning process.

The on-going development of Compass for Success will be informed by school administrators, researchers, teachers and consultants from multiple boards. We aim to ensure we are continuously meeting the needs of schools — primarily supporting student success across the province. We strive to provide the best business intelligence solution, data capture and training solutions to support evidence-based decision making which will ultimately improve student achievement.


Resources available for school boards:

A comprehensive and sophisticated data warehouse and business intelligence solution;

Dashboards displaying key performance indicators driven by research;

Data collection tools to support board assessments;

Teacher tools structured to support the Assessment for Learning philosophy, ensuring the collection, grouping and monitoring of students on a daily basis including an electronic data wall to track progress for all students;

A training website to support the effective use of data including videos, webcasts, principal sharing sessions and workshops;

An annual conference to share best practices;

Workshop opportunities throughout the year.