Compass for Success

Compass for Success is a sophisticated education software solution developed to bring relevant and timely data to teachers and administrators to guide their work and improve student outcomes. The mobilization of these common tools will create an all-encompassing solution that will improve access, save valuable time and provide a rich, interactive approach to the use of data to inform practice and ensure greater accountability to the Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (BIPSA) using the right tools to monitor and measure impact.

The Compass platform is fully scalable and easily integrates with a variety of our partner solutions including IBM and Microsoft applications with flexible options in the cloud. Our unique tools are geared specifically for the education system and support the collection, management, tracking, analysis, reporting and monitoring of student information.

The Compass philosophy of collaboration through a shared services model provides all school boards with access to expertise in order to develop strategies and technology to support integration, collaboration and capacity building driven by effective models and pedagogy.

Information is critical now and in the future, and that’s why the right approach to transform how we use data is extremely important.

Compass is here to guide you into the future. We have planned and charted the path. Now is the time to set the course and join in on the journey.
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