Compass for Success

Compass for Success is a collaboration of school boards working together to build capacity to use data to improve student achievement. It represents the collective development of technologies within a framework focused on research-driven data to allow Teachers, Superintendents, Directors and Principals the ability to see and use the data in a way that will help students succeed.This updated website provides support and expertise to participating school boards to enhance their use of the data provided by the Compass for Success tools. The Compass for Success philosophy is to provide not just the technology but the strategies to inform school planning and the building of capacity in the use of data to actually impact what is happening in a classroom, in a school and at the board level.This website is a key component of that philosophy to provide and share strategies. Within it you will find samples of our:

• Data warehouse and business intelligence solution for school administrators and teachers;

• Technology for teachers to support an assessment for learning approach for students;

• Tools to support school board initiatives such as School Improvement Planning, Board Improvement Planning, School Effectiveness Framework;

• Web-based training site to support a blended learning strategy to build data capacity for school administrators.


Teacher Portal
• Class & Student Profiles
• Alert Features
• Analytics
• Elementary & Secondary
• Grouping & Tracking Capabilities

• Class & Student Profiles
• Parent communication
• Analytics
• Links to Student Information
• Elementary & Secondary

Assessment Tools
• Dynamic Data Walls & Analytics

• Curriculum Expectations
• Achievement Charts
• Ministry, Board & Teacher Resources Search
• Collaboration & Forum Tools


Administrator Portal
• School dashboards
• Class & Student Profiles
• Analytics
• Grouping and tracking capabilities
• Alert features
• Board and School Improvement management and analysis
• Communication portal

Gradebook Analytics
• Leading indicator analysis
• Export feature to Student

Management Systems
• Time-saving
• Integrated with curriculum expectations
• Parent communication

• Predictive analytics
• Auto-report distribution to mobile devices
• Customized dashboards

Student Tracker
• On-the-fly analysis
• Group and track students

Assessment Tools
• Dynamic data walls and analytics
• Auditing features

• Training website, videos, webcasts, guidebooks & workshops
• Collaboration, blogs and Forum tools
• Ministry , Board and teacher resource search

School Boards

• Data warehouse solutions to support improving student outcomes
• Dashboards displaying key performance indicators
• Data collection tools
• Teacher tools structured to support the assessment for learning philosophy ensuring the collection, grouping and monitoring of students on a daily basis including an electronic data wall to track progress for all students
• School & board administrator portal and improvement planning tools
• Sophisticated reporting & analytics
• Predictive analytics
• Cloud options available
• Training website to support the effective use of data including videos, webcasts, principal sharing sessions and workshops
• Annual conference
• Workshop & training opportunities throughout the year

• IBM and Microsoft architecture
• Privacy and access controls

• Dynamic, intuitive and all encompassing

• Teacher
• Principals
• System leaders
• Administrators
• Parent and student
• Shared Services Model leverages access to a wealth of resources including Research, Capacity building through a collaborative model