Compass for Success


Sample view of reports


Standard Report Features

– 3 Main Sections:

  • Parameters section to change selections ‘on the fly’
  • Main Report Display
  • Trending Section with optional year or term displays

– ‘Current’ displays the students currently enrolled as of yesterday and shows the trending of this matched cohort over time

– ‘History’ is for school mark analysis – Same cohort of students over time.

– View trends by year, term or by expectations

– ‘Drill-Thru’ on any hyperlink to find the students by selecting the hyperlink

Download our Report Catalogue to view a sample of some of our analysis reports.


Assessment Solution for Board and Classroom Assessments



The assessment application was designed for teachers to support the assessment for learning model.  This application is intended to ensure teachers can quickly enter their own or Board data and at the same time reflect on the student results.  Teachers can then group the students for instruction, identify specific strategies for students within these groups and continuously monitor their progress using an electronic data wall.  This solution supports ALL board assessments as well as supports teacher assessments which can then be displayed alongside the board assessments.

Teacher Assessment Application

View a sample demo of the teacher assessment tool to see how quickly and easily teachers can enter board or classroom assessment data, reflect on the results and monitor their students’ progress using their own electronic data wall.